Max Planck – UBC – UTokyo Centre for Quantum Materials

The “Max Planck Gesellschaft – University of British Columbia Center for Quantum Materials” provides a forum for interdisciplinary cooperation between physicists, chemists, and materials scientists working in the field of quantum phenomena in complex materials. (

Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR)

“To lead the world in framing and answering complex questions at the frontiers of understanding. We value knowledge for its own sake. Our research agenda is independent and unbounded by geography or academic discipline.” (

Advanced Materials and Process Engineering Laboratory (AMPEL)

“The Advanced Materials and Process Engineering Laboratory (AMPEL) is a multi-disciplinary research centre with participation of research groups from the faculties of Applied Science, Science and Dentistry and strong collaborations with the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Forestry.” (


Munich-Centre for Advanced Photonics

The LAIR enjoys an ongoing collaboration with Prof. Johannes Barth. (