2023 March Meeting

Attending APS March Meeting in Las Vegas!

2022 AMPEL/SBQMI Holiday Party & Quantum Quenchers!

Traveling sample

How can you transfer a sample from one instrument where it was grown to another instrument where you can do further measurements? Answer: put it in a “vacuum can” and walk down the stairs! 😉

Ali, Rysa, Jiabin, and Vanessa are working together here.

Group Outing at Whistler 2020

Pasta Party 2018 (chez Sarah)

Masterchef Sarah cookin’ the pasta!


From right to left, Graham, Seokhwan, Giang, Tim, Ali, Tim, Aaron, and little Elliot patiently waiting for pasta.


Jisun’s excited for food.


Tim and Erik trying out the different pasta sauces, getting ready to vote for their favourite.


“Are you taking a picture??” -James


“Who are all these people??” -Max


Let’s eat!

Ethiopian Tuesday

Classy folk.

5 person share plate. We couldn’t finish it.

Korean Food Adventures


한국음식 존맛!

Myyystery Lake

Ooooooo… mysterrrrious…

Look at this happy bunch!

“Just pose naturally.” – Miriam

Wizard Tim floats James mid-air.

I’m running out of captions. Think of something yourselves.


QMI’s First Quantum Quencher @ Biercraft

Quirky quintet quickly quenching with quantum quaff!

Third place in Trivia Thursday gets you the coolest baseball cap!

Adventures in LA!

APS March Meeting 2018 at the LA Convention Centre.

Aladdin musical at the Pantages Theatre.

QMI Curl Team!

#1 team!

Graham’s Game Face.

Aaron makes a cheesy joke about sweeping the floors.

QMI Whistler Retreat 2017

Beautiful autumn scenery up atop Whistler.

Jisun and Miriam posing in front of the mountains and trees.

Our new indie folk band cover.